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Trust your yacht delivery to Captain Erik. Captain Erik is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed professional merchant marine. His rates reflect the industry standard. Captain Erik is a professional captain and he carefully plans each voyage. He is successful and careful with the vessels he delivers and you are paying for this level of professionalism.

Captain Erik offers yacht delivery and yacht relocations of sailing yachts and motor vessels, powerboats and commercial vessels on the water under their own power. Serving:  Owners, Dealers, Brokers and Manufactures. Captain Erik specializes in deliveries to and from ports along the United States, Atlantic East and Gulf Coasts, Florida the Bahamas, and the Caribbean and we offer our services globally.

Delivery Tracking

Keep your eyes on us throughout the voyage. You can check our location during the delivery at any time from your computer or phone. Captain Erik will share his location with you from our navigation software.

Yacht Delivery Crew Required

Sailboats: Captain + 1 (mate or deckhand). 
Sailboats underway 24 hours a day: Captain +2 (mate, deckhand)
Sailboats over 65 feet (or any boat on very long passages): Captain +2 or more (mate, deckhands).
Powerboats: Captain +1 or more (mate or deckhands), larger boats will require more hands.
Sailboats over 65 feet (or any boat on very long passages): Stewards or Engineers may be requested or required.

Yacht Delivery Current Rates

Captain: $500 per day (depending on length and difficulty of route)

Mates: $300 per day

Deckhand: $250 per day

Steward: $250 per day

Engineer: $295 per day

PROVISIONS: $60.00 a day per person (food and water) per diem while on the vessel.

TRAVEL and OTHER COSTS: Transportation cost round trip (from our base to your vessel departure point and return travel to our base from your vessels destination for all crew members) using practical means: Rental car +fuel, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Bus or Airfare.

CREW TRAVEL PAY: Is based on distance and length of travel time and available modes of transportation in that area .

FUEL COST: Fuel, oil or other consumables used during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.

DOCKAGE FEES: Power vessels on the intercostal will likely occur marina docking fees. We don’t run the boats 24 hours a day so we will sleep on the boats in marinas if appropriate anchorage is not available. Docking fees will be paid upon completion of delivery. Receipts will be provided when possible.

TRANSIT FEES or Port Cost, Sailing permits: At owners expense

A DEPOSIT IS NECESSARY to schedule you on the calendar and commission a crew. 

Breakdown of Yacht Delivery Costs

This is an example estimate of time and is contingent to the actual boat speed over ground and does not take into consideration wind or currents. 

Departure Panama City, FL to destination Bay Saint Louis, MS
Approximate Mileage is 235 nautical miles (depending on stops and actual marina locations) divided by speed 6 knots (Sailboat) = 39.17 sailing hours. 
Hours divided by 10 hours days (summertime) is = 3.92 days depending on weather. 
Estimated Days: 4 days to complete voyage. Additional days not included in this estimate would be and extra charge at agreed daily rate above the cost of estimate. 

*During winter months the days are shorter we will be limited to daylight hours which may increase total voyage days

NOTE: The speed of the boat that we use to calculate sailing time comes from you, the vessel OWNER! If you tell me the boat is faster than it really is the estimate could be off by 1 or more days resulting in more cost to you. DO NOT EXAGGERATE!


Yacht Delivery Crew Pay

1 Captain @ $500 per day
1 Deckhand @ $250 per day
Other crew 0 @ $ 0 per day
$500 + $250 = $750 per day
Crew for 4 days @ $750 a day = $3,000
Provisions per diem @ $60 X 2 per day 4 days = $480 + Travel Day $120 = $600
(1 day travel + 4 days on boat)
Crew pay $3,000 + Provisions $600 = $3,600

Yacht Delivery Crew Travel Pay

Depending on distance is either 50% or 100% of crews daily rate.
For this example just the one of travel rates applies. The under 1000 miles rate.
50% rate at half of the crew agreed daily rate $750 ÷ 2 = $375/day.
If more than 1000 miles from home then we would add one day at 100% rate = $750.

Yacht Delivery Travel Expenses

Transportation To Vessel $0 + Return Travel $300 = $300

Travel Expenses plus Travel Pay: $300 + $375 = $675

Crew Pay $3,000 + Travel $675 + Provisions $600 = $4,275

Estimated total is $4,275

* Additional days not included in this estimate would be and extra charge at agreed daily rate above the cost of estimate.

1st deposit required to get on schedule: $2,865 (Approximate 1/3 of total quoted price)
Estimate of Final Payment contingent upon travel time and expenses. = $1,410

Boat Speeds will change this quote:
5 knots = 5 days @ $5,145
7 knots = 4 days @ $4,275
8 knots = 3 days @ $3,405

For safety we try to do all transit during daytime hours.

Other Expenses: Any out of pocket expenses directly related to moving your boat including Tips to marina dock hands and purchase of ice, motor oil, Uber rides to chase down parts or supplies or any other incurred expense is added to final bill.

Unless otherwise specified, the final payment is due, including travel and expenses incurred, on completion of delivery or termination of our services for any reason including vessel breakdown or alteration of destination, and is due at the time service is rendered. 

Payment Methods: by Cash in person, Venmo, Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Check.

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Delivery Contract Can Be Viewed Here
Advanced reservations are required for all trips. 
Payment of a deposit is required to reserve a booking. 

Checks must be cleared prior to the trip.

Cancelation Policy

Captain Erik Gerace at his sole discretion may cancel or postpone a delivery due to weather conditions or any unsafe condition of vessel or unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. Every effort will be made to reschedule the delivery under the same terms and conditions. Captain Erik Gerace is not responsible for any loss incurred by the customer as a result of a cancellation. If the customer cancels the reservation without at least 72 hours notice, for any reason, and the captain and crew have not left their home base, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If cancellation notice is given with less than 72 hours notice or if the captain and crew are in route to the departure port, then your deposit will be forfeited.