Relief Captain

Professional Yacht Captain

Available for Owner Assisted Passages, Relief Captain Positions, and Owner Assisted Deliveries.

Captain Erik has helped many new boat owners and some short-handed boat owners move their vessels to a new destination and he can help you too! If you need a helping hand for your first long passage, need advice to learn the secrets of your vessel or maybe you’re Shorthanded and would just like the comfort of having the backup of an experienced Captain onboard.

Captain Erik will accompany you on an owner-assisted passage and can supply you with a crew if need be. Being your relief captain on long voyages for the peace of mind KNOWING that help is there. Having a relief captain and crew onboard can provide onboard support and assistance to vessel owners in the case of the vessel or navigational unfamiliarity.

Captain Erik also welcomes the chance to work with other Master Captains. I will GLADLY stand a night navigational watch so you and or other crew members may rest on long voyages.

New and experienced owners may be overwhelmed with watchkeeping or running of the vessel procedures. Having a professional CAPTAIN onboard can relieve some of the worries of the passage from close-quarters maneuvering in harbors and marinas to heavy weather sailing.