Relief Captain

Relief Captain has helped many new boat owners, as well as some short-handed boat owners, move their vessels to new destinations, and we can help you too! Whether you need assistance for your first long passage, advice to uncover the secrets of your vessel, or simply the comfort of having an experienced Captain onboard when you’re short-handed, is here for you.

We provide a Captain who will accompany you on an owner-assisted passage and can supply additional crew if needed. Our goal is to be your relief captain on long voyages, offering the peace of mind of knowing that help is readily available. Having a relief captain and crew onboard can provide invaluable support and assistance to vessel owners, especially in cases of navigational unfamiliarity or unforeseen challenges.

At, we also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other Master Captains. We are more than willing to stand night navigational watches, allowing you and your crew to rest during extended voyages.

Both new and experienced owners may find themselves overwhelmed with watchkeeping or vessel operation procedures. Having a professional Captain onboard can alleviate these worries, from close-quarters maneuvering in harbors and marinas to navigating through heavy weather conditions.

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