Turnkey Yacht Delivery Documents

Turnkey Yacht Delivery Documents

Simple. You just fill out the forms. The documents are created for you!

Step 1: Enter your business information

Step 2: Enter vessel information and delivery details

It does the rest! An itemized breakdown of the delivery costs and the required deposit will be calculated for you. The contracts and all of the other included documents will be filled out with the information you entered!

If you run a Yacht Delivery business or are starting a Yacht Delivery business, this worksheet is a MUST! It will save you hours and hours of set up time and will provide you with all the documents you need to start accepting yacht deliveries immediately.

This is a Microsoft Excel worksheet with an Instruction tab, 2 master tabs, and 9 supporting document tabs. I have also included PDF versions of each of the supporting documents.

A login for this website will automatically be created for you once you complete your payment so you will be able to access the files at your convenience. You will also receive an email with links to download the master file and the sample PDFs. Please allow up to 3 hours to receive the email.

Samples of included documents

Yacht Delivery Contract
Sample Contract Title
Skipper's Log
Sample Skipper’s Log
Sample CG-719S
Skipper's Recommendations
Sample Skipper’s Rec

Files included with purchase:

Turnkey Yacht Delivery Documents Master.xlsx


Sample Contract.pdf

Sample Delivery Confirmation.pdf

Sample Packing List.pdf

Sample Pre-departure Checklist.pdf

Sample Shopping List.pdf

Sample Skipper’s Log.pdf

Sample Skipper’s Recommendations.pdf

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