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You must be in good physical shape able to jump off a boat and tie it up, or thrown lines and push off the dock or to help anchor the vessels. Different delivery jobs require different talents. Sometimes its line handling and other times its serving clients drinks and cleaning up after them. You may have to help change oil filters or do simple repairs. I may have you relieve me at the helm from time to time.

**Please Do Not Call, If your a good fit we will contact you!**

You should have prior boating experience and applicants should not be prone to sea sickness.

The Captain & Deckhand positions are part time. Most jobs will take several days to complete. The pay is DAILY not hourly. You will be on the water and away from home 24 hrs. a day while the vessel is being relocated.

Accepting applications for:

  • Experienced Captains for referrals
  • Deckhands and other crew for spot jobs

Both FEMALE and MALE applicants are highly encouraged! There have been times when a female vessel owner has specifically asked for a female captain and crew.

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Do you get sea sick?

Can you be away from home for extended periods of time?

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Do you have prior boating experience?

Have you done yacht delivery before?

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Do you have any Marine Training?

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