Boat Training

Did you get a new boat, yacht, or sailing vessel?

Captain Erik Gerace is an experience professional and licensed captain that can teach and train you on every aspect of safe boat handling and docking. Captain Erik teaches people how to drive boats. He teaches boat handling and safety, but not just classroom stuff. He teaches new boat owners how to drive and dock with hands-on learning at the wheel of their own boat.

Captain Erik teaches first-time owners who have never driven before, and experienced boaters when they need help adjusting to a bigger or different vessel. He gives boat driving lessons, boat docking lessons, and general knowledge about the boat’s systems and accessories.

No matter how big or small the boat, He will ensure the new owners are able to comfortably and safely operate their boat.

If you trade up from a single to twin engines, or move from outboards to inboards, or trade a small boat for a bigger one, it is his job to teach you proper docking and operating procedures before you hit the open water. Or hit the dock.

Captain Erik also teaches new boaters how to drive even if they had never owned a boat before. If you are new to boating, I will teach you proper starting procedures, how to verify fluid levels, proper refueling, driving and docking, and the best methods for anchoring. In other words, he will teach you how to use and enjoy your boat safely.

Captain Erik loves to teach boating safety and handling. Over the years, he has developed a system that allows him to teach all of his customers with a standardized set of instructions. This simplifies pinpointing the places they needed more help so we can focus on those topics until they take hold.

Captain Erik has also fine-tuned methods to teach new boat driving and handling concepts with easy ways to relate to and remember the information. Simple and effective is his approach to teaching.

***If you already own a boat, read on below.***

Captain Erik offers boat driving lessons to all boat owners, no matter what their experience level. He provides boat operating lessons, boating lessons, boat driving lessons – whatever you’d like to call them, to boaters of all ages and experience.

He will teach you all about your own boat while we sit at your own dock. He will cover any of the systems you need to learn, some of which may be things you’ve never worked with before. We’ll cover electrical and plumbing systems, electronics and gauges, cabin accessories, generators, and engine room components. If it’s installed in your boat, we’ll cover it.

Next, we’ll discuss basic handling and safety concepts and procedures. We’ll talk about safely starting and operating the engines, shifting and throttles, and then cover driving and docking.

Last, we’ll put all of that new knowledge to work. We will go for a ride on your boat while learning the proper way to handle it, rules of the road, and navigating from point A to point B. When we return to the dock, we’ll practice sliding in and out of the slip, using the wind and current to help you dock.

Captain Erik offers two types of sessions for new boaters or boaters with vessels that are new to them. I recommend starting with my 4-hour class that covers the boat and operating concepts you need.

If that’s not quite enough, I also offer 2-hour follow up sessions that just focus on docking. If you have other questions, we’ll knock them out too, but the bulk of our time will be spent making sure you can comfortably come and go from the dock or slip.

Boat Safety Training

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