Meet Captain Erik

Captain Erik Gerace

USCG License# 2877896

100 Ton Master with Sailing Endorsement

Captain Erik was also a licensed real estate agent that assisted clients in the residential and commercial markets. When he joined eXp Realty he became a certified mentor to assist new realtors on their path to success. Captain Erik is also a certified Breakthrough coach with Earthwaking University. Aside from the Sea, his other passion is assisting people to operate at their highest and best so they can build the life of their dreams.

Proud Donor to Wigs for Kids

Captain Erik started growing his hair to donate to kids in need in 2004. Since then, he has made 5 donations totaling over 6 1/2 FEET of hair.

Captain Erik was born and raised in Union City, CA. He is married to an amazing woman and has two incredible boys. Captain Erik was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. Growing up near Silicon Valley, it was inevitable that computers would cross his path.

In 1995, he accepted a sales position with Vanstar, a computer reseller. His employment with Vanstar lead him on a journey to Memphis, TN where he had his first taste of Southern Hospitality.

After 8 years in Memphis, it was time for a change and he decided to visit a friend in Panama City Beach, Florida. His plan was to vacation in Panama City Beach for a couple of weeks before he moved back home to California.

During those two weeks, he was offered a job as a jet ski tour guide due to his experience with boating and jet ski racing. Eventually, he obtained a 100-Ton Master License and ran a dolphin tour boat for a few years. The oil spill in 2010 demonstrated the vulnerability of the tourist industry. At that time he went back to school and pursued a degree in business from Florida State University.

Captain Erik graduated in 2012 with a 3.98 GPA and opened a surf shop with a friend and colleague from FSU. During this same time period, Captain Erik also became a father for the first time. With visions of college tuition and cars and all the other expenses involved with being a parent, he decided to get licensed as an insurance agent and went to work for AIG. My employment there was cut short by a massive direction shift within AIG when they terminated 62,000 employees.

It was at this time that Captain Erik found real estate investing. A dear friend of his had a course on wholesaling and he dove right in. Instantly, he found that negotiating deals and getting a “good deal” was electrifying. There was just one thing he didn’t like about wholesaling. It was not a win-win-win. Someone, typically the seller, was not very happy with these deals. They were the ones that had to make the biggest concession.

Then Captain Erik met a gentleman that introduced me to lease-purchase deals. He had a genius and creative way to structure the deals so they were win-win-win. With this strategy it was easy to get properties under contract, it was easy to find buyers interested in the home and it was easy to close the deals. Captain Erik’s passion for real estate was rekindled now that he was in a position to help everyone involved and make a great living while doing so.

Recently, he came across eXp Realty. Captain Erik studied their model and researched their top producers. It seemed like a match made in heaven. The advantages eXp Realty offers are more than enough to convince a smart real estate agent that they are the brokerage of choice. Coupled with the lease-purchase strategy he uses, it exponentially makes eXp Realty that much more attractive.

Captain Erik obtained my real estate license and joined eXp Realty as part of one of the Top Producing teams in the entire company. His strategy is to grow our team, training the agents under him on all aspects of our lease-purchase program so they can add another amazing tool to their tool belt and make a fantastic living no matter what the real estate cycle is doing.

Captain Erik’s real estate business is now running on autopilot and he turned back to his passion of being a licensed USCG Captain. He brings all of the tools he learned over the years on how to provide the best service to his clients, and how to respond in an emergency, and that is why he is the absolute best choice to trust your prized possession to him and can be confident he will deliver on his promises.

All the best,

Captain Erik Gerace