Meet Captain Erik

Captain Erik Gerace
USCG 100-Ton Master
with Auxiliary Sail

Captain Erik Gerace

Captain Erik Gerace

USCG License: 2877896

100-Ton Master with Auxiliary Sail

MMSI: 338496696

Notary Commission: HH 497856

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Captain Erik Gerace

Captain Erik Gerace began his journey amidst the tranquil waters of the Sacramento delta, where he cultivated his love for boating from a young age. By seven, he was already mastering the art of waterskiing, a skill that would later lead him to compete in water ski tournaments by the age of fifteen. His passion for the sea propelled him to become a jet ski tour guide in Panama City Beach, FL, before earning his 50-Ton Masters license in 2009. Building on his expertise, he upgraded to a 100-Ton Master with Auxiliary Sail in 2021.

Proud Donor to Wigs for Kids

Captain Erik Gerace started growing his hair to donate to kids in need in 2004. Since then, he has made 5 donations totaling over 6 1/2 FEET of hair.

In addition to his maritime pursuits, Captain Erik Gerace also delved into the realm of real estate, becoming a licensed agent with a knack for guiding clients through the residential and commercial markets. His dedication to mentorship led him to become a certified mentor at eXp Realty, where he aids budding realtors on their journey to success. Furthermore, he has honed his coaching skills as a certified Breakthrough coach with Earthwaking University, empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Captain Erik is a philanthropist at heart, actively supporting Wigs for Kids by donating his hair since 2004, with over 6 1/2 feet of hair contributed to date.

Born and raised in Union City, CA, Captain Erik’s diverse background includes a stint as a competitive swimmer, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for waterskiing nurtured in the Sacramento Delta. His career path led him from Silicon Valley to a sales position with Vanstar, eventually landing him in Memphis, TN, where he discovered the warmth of Southern Hospitality.

His journey took a turn when a visit to Panama City Beach, FL, led to an unexpected opportunity as a jet ski tour guide, sparking a new chapter in his maritime career. Amidst challenges such as the 2010 oil spill, Erik pursued higher education, earning a degree in business from Florida State University in 2012.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, he co-founded a surf shop while navigating the joys of parenthood. Transitioning to the insurance industry and later real estate investing, Erik found his true calling in lease-purchase deals, where he could foster win-win-win situations for all parties involved.

Joining eXp Realty in 2019, Erik found a perfect fit for his real estate prowess, leading him to become part of one of the company’s top producing teams. With a focus on mentorship and a commitment to excellence, he aims to empower agents with the tools needed for success in any market cycle.

Armed with a wealth of experience and a dedication to superior service, he stands as the epitome of trust and reliability in the maritime and real estate realms alike.

All the best,

Captain Erik Gerace

USCG 100-Ton Master with Auxiliary Sail

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